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Protect Your Hands

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Primo is more than chalk

  • Anti-Bacterial & Skin Conditioning

    Your hands take a beating. Primo conditions skin to reduce callus build up, tearing and dryness and protects against harmful bacteria on equipment. ..more

  • Lasts Twice As Long

    Get a little, work it in, forget about it! Forget about chalking up every few minutes. Primo stays on your hands longer than regular chalk.

  • Excellent Grip

    Primo's fine texture and purity gets deeper in the creases of your hands giving you superior grip. Read our top 6 Pro-Tips (30 seconds) and discover how you could get and edge from Primo during your training.

  • “ Barbell cycling and training day in day out for the NPGL, Primo is the only chalk that helps protect your hands. Train so hard that your body is exhausted, but your hands will never give up. ”

    Kawika Henderson | PRO GRID ATHLETE
  • “ ...The chalk performed outstanding for us. It lasted longer than the more dry, simple chalk I’m used to and I found myself starting to wonder how I’d grown so fond of a gym chalk brand. ”

    Logan Galbraith | BREAKING MUSCLE
  • “ The anti-bacterial properties are the best benefit. We had lots of sicknesses in our small university this past winter. I believe Primo Chalk will help us eliminate this problem in the future. ”

    Gabe Harrington | COLGATE UNIVERSITY