About Us

Primo Chalk is made in Austin, TX by athletes for athletes.

Our Founder’s Story

Primo Chalk started with an idea for an antibacterial chalk that would kill staph and other nasty gym bacteria. In a warm damp gym, bacteria and other harmful germs thrive and get on everything, including athletes. That’s just gross.

Our founder Jeremy had the idea for Primo Chalk on the way home after a tough workout. He had a few rips in his hands and thought of all the bacteria that was probably on the bars, his clothes, it was probably everywhere to be honest.

A few months later, the first formula of Primo Chalk was a reality. Jeremy and a few friends began testing it out and sharing with other athletes. Everyone loved it and thought it was better than the regular chalk they had been using for years.

Jeremy’s original intent of Primo Chalk was to reduce the likelihood of staph infections resulting from sharing equipment in a warm, moist environment, but the amazing properties of the formula became clear during their testing. Jeremy found that there was a ton of room for improvement in regular chalk! Excited by Primo Chalk, Jeremy and his team started sending out samples to all types of athletes and the feedback was unanimously positive.  

The climbing world is now using Primo Chalk and climbers all over the world are starting to use it on real rock and in the gyms because of the pain it saves them. Jeremy and his team feel confident that Primo Chalk will become the dominant brand for climbing, CrossFit, weight lifting and many other sports.

“I believe we’ve solved a common but overlooked problem. That is, how do you make gym chalk not suck. As I see it, the major problems with the stuff that’s available are actually limiting factors in athletic performance. They play a psychological role in the athlete’s ability to focus. For rock climbing, we made the chalk ball looser so you can easily move it around inside a chalk bag. Since it lasts longer and doesn’t fall off easily, grip is a given. You don’t think about it, it’s just there. Because our product has a slight pain reducing and skin conditioning effect, there is less distraction from pressure on hard callous. Further, those callouses are less likely to harden and tear.” – Jeremy, Primo Chalk founder  

Epsom salt keeps Primo Chalk dry even when you’re sweaty. To get the full skin conditioning effect wash your hands after working out. This washes the chalk away but leaves some of the organic essential oils. Consider using regular chalk one day and Primo the next. See how your hands feel afterward.

PrimoChalk™ is designed for weight lifting, CrossFit, rock climbing and other sports. Primo Chalk is made in Austin, TX by athletes for athletes of all shapes, sizes, talents and levels.

Side note: The combination of the essential oils protects your skin and inhibit the growth of bacteria, fungi and viruses. For more information on the science behind this see Chao, SC | Young, DG | Oberg, CJ Journal of Essential Oil Research [J. Essent. Oil Res.]. Vol. 10, no. 5, pp. 517-523. Sep-Oct 1998 abstract here.