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It starts with ceritfied clean magnesium carbonate.

But, we don't stop there...

Because, it's still just chalk at that point.

Next we infuse it with our special blend of essential oils and super fine epsom salt.

...OK, Why do all this for chalk?

Simple, here's why...

  • It Makes Primo Chalk Anti-Bacterial & Skin Conditioning

    Primo protects against harmful bacteria on shared equipment. Your hands take a beating. Our essential oil blend and epsom salt conditions skin to reduce calluses and stop tears.

  • It Makes Primo Chalk Last a Long Time

    Get a little, work it in, forget about it! Forget about chalking up every few minutes. Primo stays on your hands longer than regular chalk.

  • It Makes Primo Chalk Give You Superior Grip

    Primo's fine texture, epsom salt, and purity gets deeper in the creases of your hands giving you superior grip.