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Wholesale Chalk and Bulk Gym Chalk

Hello, in this post we are going to talk about wholesale chalk. First up, we are going to cover bulk gym chalk. You can order bulk amounts of just raw unbranded powdered magnesium carbonate chalk. Sometimes this can be easier than buying branded smaller amounts of magnesium carbonate chalk.


Wholesale Gym Chalk

Next up, Wholesale gym chalk. You can sometimes go to a Chinese wholesale website and find insane amounts of magnesium carbonate for sale. This can sometimes be cheaper than buying branded small amounts of chalk. Because it is a massive amount of chalk, and you don’t have to pay extra for the brand.


Magnesium Carbonate Chalk

Third up, we are going to talk about magnesium carbonate chalk as a whole. Magnesium carbonate chalk, is what makes up all of your athletic chalks(for example gym chalk, or weightlifting chalk.) The name does not mean that’s the only thing it can do. Gym chalk can be used for weightlifting and vice versa. This being said, to put it in simplest terms,chalk is chalk. Magnesium carbonate has a special property to absorb liquids, that is why we put it on our hands. When we put it on our hands, and our hands sweat. The chalk absorbs it, and keeps our hands dry and grippy. Now if you are  looking for a super awesome unique kind of chalk, try Primo Chalk. They use a special blend of clean magnesium carbonate chalk, five essential oils, and epsom salt. This blend doesn’t just absorb liquids, it also prevents infection, kills staph, and prevents excess callus build up. Think of it this way, it’s regular magnesium carbonate but not regular magnesium carbonate chalk. Their chalk has all the bells and whistles that make it superior to regular magnesium carbonate chalk. This obviously makes it the best magnesium carbonate chalk.


Liquid or Powdered Chalk

Now to answer a question you might have for some reason. liquid or powdered chalk. It depends on your preference. Though keep in mind some gyms have banned you from bringing powdered chalk, forcing you to use liquid chalk. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed, and I hope you learned at least something.