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How to Use Lifting Chalk

how not to be a chalk monster, Image by Primo Chalk

In this post we will cover how to use lifting chalk, along with two different kinds of chalk.

how not to be a chalk monster, Image by Primo Chalk


Gym Chalk – Powder

Powder gym chalk is fairly easy to apply.It is generally made of magnesium Carbonate or in more science-y term, MgCO3. All you need is your powder chalk, and your hands. After you have your materials, not that you really need to gather anything. Just take a small amount of chalk and rub it all over your palms, remember not to use a lot.If you use a lot of chalk at one time, it will cake up on your hands.That’s not good. Finally, dust of your hands, to remove the excess chalk from your hands. See! It’s pretty easy, Hands + Chalk= chalked up hands ready for lifting or climbing.


Follow this 2 easy steps:

  1. Rub a little bit of chalk on the palms of your hands
  2. Dust your hands off to remove excess chalk


Gym Chalk – Liquid

Liquid gym chalk is different, because,well, they are two different states of matter.

Liquid chalk is sold in bottles. As soon as it leaves the bottle it begins to dry. The only difference in ingredients between powdered chalk and liquid chalk is that, liquid chalk has alcohol in it. That is how the chalk dries so quickly. Anyway, back on track. Liquid Chalk is also pretty easy to apply, you just need to squeeze the amount of chalk you need/want onto the palms of your hands. You may need to apply another layer, but it all depends on your preference.



  1. Squeeze the amount of chalk you want onto the palms of your hands
  2. You may need to add a second layer, depending on your preference


Lifting Chalk can be used for rock climbing, weight lifting, and gymnastics. It is used because it’s supposed to enhance your grip. Grip is vital. Now that’s not saying Lifting chalk is flawless, well it almost is. The mess, if you’re using powdered chalk, you are going to have a large mess. Though Powdered chalk is far cheaper than Liquid. Now, if you’re using liquid chalk. It’s more expensive, and you have to use more than what you would normally use with powdered chalk. Thanks for reading and I hope this helped.