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How To Use a Chalk Ball

Hello, in this article we are going to be going over how to use a chalk ball.

Chalk Ball vs Loose Chalk

First off, I am going to explain what a chalk ball is. A chalk ball is basically loose chalk that has been put into a bag, made of a thin material. This thin material allows for the loose chalk to escape through the small holes in the material, when rolled around on your hand. Normally, they have a way to open and refill them, but not all do.


What is a chalk bag for?

If you don’t like chalk balls, there are other alternatives. For example, A chalk bag. It’s basically a bag that contains chalk that you hook up to your harness while climbing. Or you can just carry it around with you, if you’re not climbing. They allow you to re apply chalk quickly. If you are climbing they can be really useful, because you don’t have to climb back down to reapply chalk.


Now, to answer the question of which chalk ball is the best chalk ball.

That’s obvious, it’s clearly Primo Chalk’s chalk balls. They use their special blend of clean magnesium carbonate chalk, five essential oils, and epsom salts. This blend prevents infection and kills staph, it also prevents excessive callus build up.  Now for our regular rant on chalk. As you probably know if you have read any of our past posts, chalk is chalk. Weightlifting chalk does the same as any other magnesium carbonate chalk. Sidewalk and chalkboard chalk, is not magnesium carbonate. It is made of calcium carbonate, which does not have the  property to absorb liquids. But what does magnesium carbonate chalk do? Magnesium carbonate chalk has a property to absorb liquids, so when your hands sweat, the chalk absorbs the sweat and dries off your hands. This allows you to have a tighter grip.


Thanks for reading and I hope you learned at least something.