4 Pack of Chalk Balls

Description and Overview 

This is our MOST POPULAR athletic chalk item. Loved by climbers and weight lifters around the world, Primo Chalk Balls are designed to last longer and produce less dust compared to loose chalk. Here's a look at some of the benefits of Primo Chalk over regular gym chalk:


  1. Antibacterial - Essential oils kill staph*
  2. Leaves Hands Feeling Better - The hard & dry feeling is significantly decreased
  3. Better Grip - Enjoy a non-tacky and confident grip
  4. Less Pain - Essential oils soothe your skin
  5. Fewer Tears and Rips - Essential oils condition hands and make skin more resilient


How is Primo Chalk made? When creating Primo Chalk Balls, we begin with high-quality magnesium carbonate and combine it with a blend of five key essential oils and mineral salt. We chose this particular mix of essential oils because they were found to decrease Staphylococcus, Micro coccus uteus and Pseudomonas aeruginosa bacteria in laboratory testing.


Each Primo Chalk Ball is 3 ounces, and is packaged in a 5x7 organic cotton pouch made in the USA. This is an ideal alternative to the stretchy sock ball that's manufactured in China. All chalk balls are manufactured in Austin, Texas by the same people that test and use them.


What is the best use for Primo Chalk Balls? Primo Chalk Balls are used by rock climbers and gymnasts throughout the world. However, many weight lifters and Crossfitters tend to stick with loose chalk because it suits their needs better. Personally, I like to use the ball during hot weather when the gym doors are open and the wind is blowing through; it's much less messy than loose chalk.


See the customer testimonials for feedback from customers.


Primo Chalk Balls even come with a special money-back guarantee because we want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase.

Primo Athletic Chalk Testimonials

"...Outside of the spa-like qualities that probably don’t mean much to most weightlifters, the chalk performed outstanding. It lasted longer than the more dry, simple chalk I’m used to and I found myself wondering how I’d grown so fond of a chalk brand...."

"...a training partner was able to pull a 505 pound raw deadlift, while weighing 160 pounds and using Primo Chalk...."


"...There were no negatives with this product...."

"I really liked it, I was doing a nasty little Clean/ Wall ball WOD at 75% BDYWT, and I only had to rechalk twice. Which was actually kind of disappointing because I was hoping that I would be able to use the that time as a breather :). I currently have one case left of Ader chalk, which typically lasts us about two months. As soon as I am nearing the end of that, I will certainly hook up with you. If I get enough of it in buckets around the gym, it may add a nice scent to the Box :)

Thanks for taking chalk to the next level"

Hey Jeremy, the chalk its amazing!! good job, what is your phone number i can call you to.... thanks and have a great day, Klemen

I hope all is well in your world!  Primo Chalk has changed my CrossFit athletes and my Olympic Lifters.  I have two Nationally Qualifying Olympic Lifters (1 a National Champion) and over 100 CrossFit athletes that won't use anything else. 

Gabriel Harrington
Just wanted to touch base with you about Primo Chalk. I received my order, have made the switch and must say, Primo Chalk is truely great stuff! It does what the claims say: it lasts longer and in general is superior in performance. The cinnamon smell is pretty cool too, my athletes love it. But most of all, the anti-bacterial properties are the best benefit. We have had quite a few sicknesses spreading through our small university this past winter and I believe Primo Chalk will help us to eliminate this in the future.
Thanks for a quality product!
-Gabriel Harrington
Colgate University
Head Strength & Conditioning Coach

props to Jacob Bodkin - met him while climbing in Leavenworth, WA - awesome guy and he is one of your sponsored athletes. He let us try his Primo chalk and we instantly fell in love.....all other chalk feels like white dirt now.....we nicknamed this chalk, unicorn dandruff.

This is the most amazing chalk I've ever felt!!!

I'm sure you've all had a rough winter - us folks up here im Buffalo were even suprised by how bad it got. Usually in a case of severe cold, our hands would be cracked to a point of intense discomfort, especially when lifting. Chalk just ripped us apart worse!
Enter PRIMO Chalk, my hands were still beat up, but significantly less than they have ever been, even in the worst winter weather of training season to date! We've used less, and kept our hands healthier than ever. Matched with great customer service this really is an amazing product.