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Pros and Cons of a Liquid Grip Chalk

Hello, in this post we will talk about grip chalk. But being more specific we are going to be talking about liquid grip chalk.

Liquid chalk, in many ways could be seen as superior to regular powder chalk. But there are a few ways it could be seen as worse than powder chalk

Liquid grip chalk Pros and Cons


  • Cheaper
  • Can make it yourself for even cheaper
  • Not as messy
  • Some gyms have banned powder chalk, so you have to use liquid chalk


  • Can leave a residue on your hands from where it dried, and if you are a weightlifter it can leave a residue on the bar.
  • Can’t buy mass amounts like you can with regular powder chalk

Okay, we are going to cover how to make liquid chalk. First you’re going to need your ingredients/supplies:

  • Isopropyl alcohol ( A higher percentage of isopropyl alcohol)
  • Chalk
  • Bag or small-medium sized container
  • Something to mix with

Step 1 – Put the chalk in your container or bag, if you have a chalk block you are going to need to crush up the chalk into a powder.

Step 2 – Then you add the isopropyl alcohol as you mix the two ingredients until the combination has a thickness similar to yogurt.

Step 3 – Store it in a sealed container so it doesn’t evaporate

Step 4 – Most important step ENJOY

Next up Buying Liquid chalk!

Just like powder chalk, you can buy it at physical stores or on websites(like amazon)

Now that we have gotten that out of the way, now we talk about bare grip liquid chalk.

Bare grip is one of the few companies putting extra ingredients in their chalk, these extra ingredients prevent infection. Yet it only has 4 stars on amazon. But if we are looking at the best chalk(decided by amazon star rating.) The best would be Liquid grip, with 4.6 stars.