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Primo Chalk – Gym Chalk for Climbing and Lifting

Hello, in this post we are going to talk about Primo Chalk. First up, we are going to talk  about what Primo chalk is. Primo Chalk is a company that makes a magnesium carbonate based chalk, they use a blend clean magnesium carbonate, five essential oils, and epsom salts. This is a special combination, that kills staph, prevents infections, and prevents excess callus build up.


Chalk Buckets

The first product we are going to talk about is their chalk buckets. You can order their chalk buckets in a few different sizes. You can get them in one pound buckets, and in five pound bucket. Though if you don’t like buckets, you can always get a bag of chalk these come in a six ounce and a sixteen ounce size. These all have their special blend of chalk, essential oils, and epsom salts. The cool thing is, that this chalk can be used for anything(to an extent.) For example, the gym, rock climbing, or weight lifting


Chalk Balls

Second product we are going to talk about by them are, chalk balls. They use their original chalk blend, and put into small refillable bags. If you like chalk balls, these are definitely for you. The thing about these, is that there aren’t a bunch of different sizes you can get them in. You can only get them in single packs. They are around 2-3 ounces.


Primo Chalk on Amazon

Now onto the reviews. On amazon, by just searching Primo Chalk. You will find that every chalk product has at least four and a half stars. Some even have 5 stars. This being said, from the star rating, every one of Primo Chalk’s products are amazing. I said it earlier, but I am going to say it again. This chalk can be used for gym use, weight lifting, rock climbing, etc… This can be done without a change in grip quality. Anyway I hope you enjoyed and I hope you learned something.