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Powerlifting Chalk

Image of a black powerlifting chalk bucket

Hello, in this post we are going to cover powerlifting chalk. First up, we are going to talk about powerlifting chalk bags. These chalk bags are the same as what you would use for climbing or just in the gym. They are bags that have a fleecy material insulating the inside of the bag. This is supposed to have chalk stick to the walls of the bag, making it easier to re apply chalk with a chalk bag. This being said, don’t go looking for hours on end trying to find a powerlifting chalk bag. They are the exact same as a regular chalk bag.


Powerlifting Chalk Alternatives

Next up, powerlifting chalk alternatives. You could use literally any other “kind” of magnesium carbonate chalk. You might not know this, but chalk is chalk. It doesn’t matter whether it is gym, or climbing chalk. They are both just magnesium carbonate. Though if you are looking for a more unique and special kind of chalk. You should try Primo Chalk. They use a special blend of epsom salt, essential oils, and clean magnesium carbonate chalk. This blend kills staph and prevents infection, it also prevents excess callus build up. Don’t worry, this doesn’t make it to where it can only be used for certain things. Primo chalk can be used for powerlifting, or rock climbing, gym or weightlifting. It doesn’t matter what kind athletic thing you want to do with it, it’s the same as any magnesium carbonate chalk except with all the bells and whistles.


Powerlifting Chalk Bowls

Next up, powerlifting chalk bowls. Just like chalk bags, they are the same thing as the original version. It is basically a bowl on a stand that contains magnesium carbonate chalk. Just like the chalk bags, don’t go looking for hours on end trying to find a specialized chalk bowl, that is meant for powerlifting.


Now we are just going to talk about some stuff you might be wondering about. First up, chalk or straps for deadlifts. You can use either, but a lot of people prefer straps over chalk for deadlifts.


Budget Friendly Chalks

Next up, loose chalk, chalk blocks, or chalk balls. It really just depend on your preference. Finally to talk about some budget friendly chalks. You don’t have to spend excess amounts of money on chalk, you honestly could just buy a cheap block or bag of magnesium carbonate chalk, and be completely ready for whatever you’re using it for. Anyway I hope you enjoyed and at least learned something.