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Why Do People Use Chalk For Rock Climbing?

Hello, in this post, we are going to cover why people use chalk for rock climbing. Now if you read the last article titled Why do People Use Chalk for Weight Lifting, you should know this already if you didn’t, well you’re about to learn. Magnesium carbonate based chalk, has the property to absorb liquids. This is useful because when your hands sweat the chalk absorbs the sweat, keeping your hand in a dry and grippy state.

How to Use a Chalk Ball

That’s basically it for why they use chalk, chalk keeps your hands grippy and dry. Now something kind of off topic, how to use a chalk ball! basically , you have your chalk ball. Then you have roll in around on your hand. Since the chalk ball is made of a thin material the chalk will seep through, therefore getting your hands ready for climbing or weightlifting. This is useful because the chalk is contained inside the bag/“ball” making it less messy.


Chalk balls could be seen as superior to your generic powder chalk. For example, Chalk balls are far less messy compared to powder chalk, but chalk balls don’t contain as much chalk as you would get from a bag of powder chalk. Also some chalk balls are not refillable. You can put “any” kind of magnesium carbonate based chalk in the bag/ball, because as you probably know, chalk is chalk. It does not matter whether you get gym chalk or weight lifting chalk. They are the same thing.


If you don’t like chalk balls, you can always try liquid chalk. Liquid chalk is basically magnesium carbonate mixed with rubbing alcohol. This turn it into a paste that when exposed to air it evaporates back into powdered chalk. What I have been saying about regular powdered chalk goes the same for liquid chalk. Chalk is chalk, or in this case liquid chalk is liquid chalk.


Thanks for reading, and I hope you learned at least something.