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One sip of the Crossfit Kool-Aid and Theo Dehoyos was hooked!

Theo Dehoyos, Image by Primo Chalk

We got the chance to chat with our athlete Theo about his life in and out of the gym, it was great to learn more about his background, training, and where he got the drive to embrace the suck of Crossfit!

What does being a Primo ambassador mean to you?

Being a Primo Ambassador means representing a brand that cares about the people that use their product. It means being proud to support a hardworking company like Primo Chalk because I’m a hardworking person myself. (Additionally I’m a native Texan, Dallas, so I’m happy to represent a Texas company)

How long have you been Crossfitting?

I started doing functional fitness training first in 2010 and then found CrossFit in 2011, so about 5 years now.

What got you into the sport?

After a deployment to Afghanistan a fellow Soldier was already doing CrossFit and functional fitness workouts and he invited me to join him. After some initial doubt I eventually drank the Kool-Aid and got hooked.

Walk me through a day in the life of Theo.

I wake up early and head to my local CrossFit gym, CrossFit Homestead, and either do the class WOD or my own training. I am a CrossFit Level 2 trainer and USAW Lv1 coach. I program for myself and for others through my own training program called Devast8 Training which can be found on the app Wodfollow. After training I head to work at Homestead Air Base where I am an Operations Sergeant for Special Operations Command South. And then I look forward to seeing my family after work.

In your bio you mention having been in the Army for 17 years, what inspired you to join?
I was a Paramedic before I enlisted and wanted a change in my career. I thought that there was no better way to serve our nation and it’s people than to serve in our Armed Forces, and I’ve always wanted to serve. It was a privilege to get the opportunity to enlist in the Army.
Image of Theo Dehoyos on his US ARMY uniform, Imange by Primo Chalk
What is the most interesting place you have been stationed? Why did you like it so much?

My first duty station I was stationed in South Korea for two years in the 2nd Infantry Division close to the DMZ (Demilitarized Zone). I learned very quickly the importance of discipline due to the nature of the mission (North Korea was only a stone’s throw away) and some great leadership. Winters were harsh and the mountainous landscape of Korea made the tour of duty challenging and memorable (think embrace the suck!). That tour helped shape the kind of Soldier and leader I am today and I’m very proud to have been there. Additionally, South Korea is full of beautiful mountains and rugged terrain.

What are your other passions besides Crossfit?

Family first, all things Army, and training my fellow Soldiers in functional fitness.

Thank you for taking the time for this interview Theo! So happy to have you on the team 🙂
Image of Theo Dehoyos with his wife, Image by Primo Chalk