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What You Need To Know About Weight Lifting Chalk

your weightlifting chalk, Image by Primo Chalk

In this Post, we will talk about weight lifting chalk.


your weightlifting chalk, Image by Primo Chalk


In a not so basic back story of what weight lifting chalk is made of, it is made of magnesium carbonate. If you want to break it down more, it is MgCO3. That breaks down to one magnesium atom, one carbon atom, three oxygen atoms. Okay now that we’ve broken down magnesium carbonate, let’s continue with what post is about.


Where to buy Weightlifting Chalk

There are many ways to purchase chalk. If you have a specific company that you like, you most likely can go to their website to purchase it from them directly. Or you can go to amazon to find different kinds of chalk, and explore the differences between different brands. You can also probably go to your local rock climbing gym to purchase chalk. And finally you can probably go to REI or any other outdoor store.


Another kind of chalk is Liquid chalk, this is basically the same as Powder chalk (ingredient wise). It contains Magnesium Carbonate, and alcohol. Not drinking alcohol,it uses rubbing alcohol. Also known as Isopropyl alcohol. This is used because of how fast it evaporates.


Now the true question is, which kind of chalk is best. It honestly depends on your personal preference. Chalk powder is messier, but doesn’t leave a residue on your hands. A lot of people love it because of the feel. Now to liquid chalk. Liquid chalk is not as messy, but it leaves a residue. Not as many people like it, like they love chalk powder. Though some gyms have banned powder chalk, This leaves you to only use liquid chalk.


Now if we’re talking about which brand is better. Well that’s obvious, Primo Chalk is the best and only chalk company using Essential oils in partnership with the chalk. The essential oils keep gym surfaces free from harmful germs, and kills staph.