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Why You Need Chalk to Lift Weights

Hello, in this post I am going to answer the question, why do people use chalk to lift weights. Basically if you did not know already, Magnesium carbonate has special properties to absorb liquids. That is why we use chalk, because it absorbs liquids. When our hands sweat, it absorbs that sweat and keeps our hands dry and grippy.

Hand Chalk Weightlifting

This is a basically talking about weightlifting with a magnesium carbonate chalk. They use the chalk, as explained above, because it keeps their hand dry and grippy. When I talk about magnesium carbonate chalk I am referring to gym, weight lifting and athletics chalks. You can buy all those kinds of chalk online(For example Amazon, or the product’s website) or at a physical store(for example REI, or your local climbing gym.)

Magnesium Carbonate Powder Chalk Alternatives

This could be liquid chalk, or a magnesium carbonate chalk lotion. But if you are looking for an alternative for a “specific” kind of chalk, for example weight lifting chalk, you can try gym chalk or climbing chalk. Some gyms have banned powder chalk as a whole, because of the mess. If that happened at your gym, you have to use liquid chalk, or if you want you try  grip lotion. Another thing about grip lotion, is that it is slightly cheaper than liquid chalk.

Best Weightlifting Chalk and Overall Chalk

Primo Chalk is by far the best magnesium based chalk. They use a blend of clean magnesium carbonate, five essential oils, and epsom salts. This blend kills staph, prevents infection, and prevents excessive callus build up. No other chalk company does this. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed, and at least learned something.