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Michael Wright – Sport Climbing, Bouldering & Trad Climbing – Nederland, CO

Image of Michael Wright using primo chalk

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What does your involvement in your sport mean to you? What made you fall in love with it?
Climbing for me is a lifestyle. Being a climber is a lot more then just being strong and fit. Its about the adventure. The idea of pushing yourself mentally is very important for me. I really love the instant gratification. I’m always staying stoked whether I on sight a route or finally get that red point Ive been working on.

Out of all the product sponsorships out there, why is Primo the one for you?
Quality chalk is super important for climbers. I personally need it in order to climb. I like the forward thinking mentality of this company and really want to be apart of a team where I can have the opportunity to climb all over the US and really get involved in the climbing community.

What is a surprising fact about yourself that we wouldn’t expect to hear?
I can do a 540 turn going backwards on a bicycle.