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Liquid Climbing Chalk Recipe

Hello in this we are going to cover how to make liquid chalk. Liquid chalk isn’t that difficult to make.

How to make liquid chalk?

The ingredients you need are not very difficult to get a hold of. All you need is the magnesium carbonate powder of your choice(or a chalk block, but you will have to break it up into a powder), and rubbing alcohol( or also known as isopropyl alcohol.) After you have collected your ingredients to craft your liquid chalk, you will need a small container with an air tight top to hold the liquid chalk when done, something to mix with, and a container to mix everything.

Once you have everything, you want to put all of you chalk in the container you plan on mixing in, then you add the isopropyl alcohol to powder chalk as you mix everything together. Once you have everything mixed and it is the consistency of yogurt, you can put it into the air tight container you chose to store the chalk for future use.


Next up, were going to talk briefly about making chalk. This is not at all as easy, for this you’re going to need to know a good amount about chemistry. Honestly it would just be easier to buy it from a company. Making it is not so simple, to where you just mix some ingredients and stir. This goes for any kind of magnesium carbonate chalk, for example weightlifting or gym chalk. You probably know this if you have read any of our past articles, Chalk is chalk. All athletics centered chalks are the same as the others, they all just have different titles(gym, weight lifting, climbing, etc…). Unless they contain extra ingredients.

Primo chalk is one of those companies that put extra ingredients in their chalk. They use a special blend of pure clean magnesium carbonate, 5 essential oils, and epsom salts. This kills staph, prevents infection, and prevents excessive callus build up. anyway, i hope you enjoyed, and I hope you learned at least something.