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What is a Magnesium Carbonate Chalk?

Magnesium Carbonate Chalk, Image by Primo Chalk

There are two “different” kinds of chalks, weightlifting chalk and gym chalk. There is no difference between the two. They are both made of magnesium carbonate with different names. If you want that in more science-y terms, magnesium carbonates chemical formula is MgCO3. That says, there are 1 magnesium atom, 1 carbon atom, and 3 oxygen atoms in every molecule of chalk.


Magnesium Carbonate Chalk, Image by Primo Chalk


Chalk Blocks

Chalk blocks are made through pressing the chalk into cubes, or cutting large chunks down to size. There isn’t much that makes the chalk block special, except for it being in a cube shape. Though it is less of a mess than loose chalk, and easier to store. There are also chalk balls, which are small bags that contain loose chalk that you can squeeze and chalk comes out. They are similar to chalk blocks because they are not as messy, and are easier to store.


Gym Chalk and Weight Lifting Chalk Price

Gym chalk and weightLifting chalk are the same thing. There is no difference between the two,except the price. Weightlifting chalk, is sometimes sold for more than gym chalk. Just know, they do the same thing, they both just dry off your hands. But if you are looking for a special magical chalk that is superior to all others, then you should try out Primo Chalk. It has epsom salt, and essential oils that kills staph, reduces callus build up, and protects your hands from dryness, tears, and cracking.


If you plan on buying chalk and you’re searching for a specific kind of chalk (i.e. gym or weightlifting) and you can’t find anything at a reasonable price. Go to Primo Chalk and try searching and you might find better prices.