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Laramie Eckerdt – Olympic Lifting – Gig Harbor, WA

Image of Laramie Eckerdt on Olympic WeightLifting by Primo Chalk

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What does your involvement in your sport mean to you? What made you fall in love with it? 
So, Disclaimer: I’m still fairly new to the sport of Olympic Weightlifting. But I think what means more to me than the PRs or the big numbers is the process, the up and downs (okay, they downs aren’t fun, but that’s a part of it), the continual learning and evolving. It’s a sport that constantly forces you to work and improve, not only physically but emotionally and mentally as well. I was introduced to weightlifting as most people are these days through Crossfit. And I hated it. I was terrified of snatches and confused by cleans. Honestly the only reason I stuck with it was because I needed to do a 1RM snatch for a CF competition I was entering. I wanted to do well so, I went to work. I remember the exact moment snatches clicked for me. That feeling, the feeling of hard work paying off is what got me hooked and has kept me coming back. I often train alone, and even though the solitude can be difficult the feeling of when hard work pays off keeps me focused.
Out of all the product sponsorships out there, why is Primo the one for you?
This company was introduced to me through a friend and I knew that it was for me practically instantly. I’m the person at the gym that everyone refers to as the Chalk Monkey. You can tell which plates I used that day because they’re the only ones that have a ridiculous amount of Chalk on them. *face palm* Interestingly, however, since I started using Primo Chalk I’ve actually used so much less! It seems a bit backwards. I’m naturally clammy (yes, I realize that’s super gross…. and I’m not pleased that that’s part of my genetic make up) but this Chalk has really helped give me proper grip despite my lack of dryness…. pretty sure it’s got magic in it. I don’t know. It’s just a theory. This is why I think Primo is for me…. not only do I use Chalk, but I need it and now the Chalk I use helps me to reduce the amount I “need.” Also, I love watching people’s reaction to the fancy smell it has. “Oh that beautiful aroma? Yes, it’s my Chalk…. it’s all that.”
What is a surprising fact about yourself that we wouldn’t expect to hear?
Are you ready? I knit and crochet and have fancy hand writing and I’ve got some pretty mad crafting skills. I also really love board games… not, like, Monopoly (that game is the worst) but Settlers of Catan, Martian Rails, Pandemic, Dominion, etc. (if you know, you know). So basically I’m a closet nerd, but it’s cool.