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The Ease of Rock Climbing using Climbing Chalk Bags

In this post, we will talk about climbing chalk bags. If you don’t know what that is, you should probably stick around to find out.


What is a Climbing Chalk Bag and Where to Purchase one?

Climbing chalk bags attach to your climbing harness, and allow you to put chalk inside. This makes it easier to re apply chalk, instead of forcing you to have to climb all the way down to re apply chalk. You can buy all different kinds. Whatever suits your taste in chalk bags. You can get them on amazon and other websites, or you can buy them at other physical stores like REI or at your local climbing gym. They will most likely sell climbing gear, since well, they are a climbing gym.


Budget and Designs

It just depends on your preference, and how much you’re willing to pay for one of these chalk bags. If you don’t want to buy a chalk bag, you can make one yourself. This most likely will be cheaper, than buying one. Unless you’re making it out of pure gold, and the finest materials you can possibly get. Jokes aside, it would be cheaper to make one, because you don’t have to pay a lot for that super cool chalk bag that you want but is $100. Instead you can make it yourself, for far less. Though if you don’t want to make one yourself, but you want some customization, some companies sell chalk bags, and allow you to put text on it. Anyway time to switch topics, to Rock climbing chalk.

Orange climbing chalk bag, Image by Primo Chalk

Rock climbing chalk is exactly like any other Magnesium carbonate chalk. There is nothing special about it, except for its name. Anyway thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed this guide to Chalk bags.