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How Crossfit Chalk or Gym Chalk Can be a Good Help for Athletes?

Hello, in this post we are going to talk about crossfit chalk. To start everything off I am going to talk about about gym chalk, of course.  Gym chalk is the exact same as any other magnesium carbonate chalk(for example weightlifting, gym, climbing). It absorbs liquids on your hands, and dries them out. Chalk board and sidewalk chalk is not made of magnesium carbonate, it is made of calcium carbonate. Calcium Carbonate does not absorb liquids as well as magnesium carbonate. Now that we have gotten that out of the way, now to more interesting topics.

Gym Chalk Holder, Image by Primo Chalk

Crossfit Chalk Bucket, Image by Primo ChalkNext up are gym chalk holders, or also known as crossfit chalk bucket. This is basically a bowl that holds chalk.They have a stand that they stands on, or a wall mount that it stands on. This serves as a communal chalk holder, where people go to  re apply chalk. Unless you brought your own chalk. If you can’t afford to buy one of these, you can also get a bouldering/rock climbing chalk bucket. Then find a base of some sort to put it on. This could be a lot cheaper. You can find everything we just talked about on amazon. That includes the magnesium carbonate chalk(or calcium carbonate chalk, but that isn’t used for fitness), the gym chalk holders, and bouldering chalk buckets/stands to put them on.

When trying to find gym chalk holders, you have to be very specific in your search. When trying to find them I searched multiple times, before I stumbled upon them. I had to search for gym chalk bowls. Magnesium carbonate chalk is not nearly as hard to find as gym chalk bowls, you just have to search gym chalk( or replace gym with any other “kind” of chalk.) Anyway, I hope you enjoyed and learned at least something!