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The Crossfit Chalk Bucket

Hello, in this post we are going to talk about the crossfit bucket. Basically a crossfit bucket is a bucket that holds chalk. First up we are going to talk about a few accessories you can get for you chalk bucket. Yes that’s right, you can get accessories for a bucket. The first accessory I am going to talk about is the chalk bucket cover. This can either come as a cover that zips closed, or as an entirely new  container. Basically a chalk bucket cover is a sealable bucket or container that contains chalk. This makes it easier to store and keep it from spilling. Next is the Chalk bucket topper. This is basically made of a stretchy cloth, that stretches over the lip of the bucket. They also have a hole in the center, allowing you to actually be able to reach to the chalk. This basically helps keep chalk in the bucket and reduces mess.


Chalk Bucket

Next up, we are going to talk about the chalk bucket in it’s natural habitat. The chalk bucket generally lives in a gym, but some species of chalk bucket live in a climbing gym, or other athletics gym. They are also generally forced to contain magnesium carbonate chalk. They are used as communal chalk buckets, for those who don’t have or did not bring chalk.


Climbing Chalk Buckets

Next up! We are going to talk about the climbing chalk buckets. There really isn’t much to say except for that. They are the same as any crossfit chalk bucket. They both contain the same material, that does the same thing. They both contain magnesium carbonate. There is only one kind of magnesium carbonate. But there are multiple labels people put on them(gym, crossfit, etc.) Magnesium carbonate basically absorbs liquids, when it is on your hands it absorbs sweat. This keeps your hands dry and grippy. Now to talk talk about the best chalk bucket. The best chalk bucket is obviously Primo chalk’s chalk bucket. They use their same blend of epsom salts, 5 essential oils, and clean magnesium carbonate. This blend prevents excessive callus build, and kills staph and other infections. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed and at least learned something.