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Cool Chalk Bags

Unique chalk bags

Hello, in this post we are going to talk about cool and unique chalk bags! First up were going to talk about different unique chalk bags. There are a lot of fun unique chalk bags, it just depends on your preference and what you like. If you like Doctor Who, you can get a Tardis chalk bag. If you don’t like doctor who, or you’re looking for something different, you can get a dragon’s tail shaped chalk bag. All of it just depends on what you want and what you like.

Mythical chalk bag

Next up we are going to cover Mythical Chalk Bags. This is a line of chalk bags by Damian Pacheco. His goal with these chalk bags are “ To create a chalk bag that would connect the climber with nature in a more spiritual way.” He has four different kinds of chalk bag, each one based off a different mythical creature. The chupacabra, The Jackalope, The Mammoth, and finally The Sasquatch. All of them are made from leather that represents one of the mythical creatures. The Chupacabra’s chalk bag is made of a green-ish smooth leather. The  Jackalope’s chalk bag is made from yellow and brown smooth leather. While The Mammoth’s chalk bag is made from a dark green-ish blue softer leather, and a darker brown softer leather. And finally The Sasquatch’s chalk bag is made from a white fur and a brown fur.

Now, if you don’t like going with pre made chalk bags. You can always have a company customize one for you. Some companies allow you to customize a chalk bag. You can put your company’s logo on it, or a picture. You could even out your name on it.

If you like humorous chalk bags, you can definitely find what you’re looking for. You can find different chalk bags based off of different characters from tv shows and games. You can also find chalk bags that look like different animals.

Custom chalk bag

Finally, the last thing we are going to cover are leather chalk bags. If you don’t like the original kind of material used in normal chalk bags, you can get them made of leather. There aren’t as many kinds of leather chalk bags. Thanks for reading, and I hope you learned at least something.