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What is a Climbing Chalk and it’s Great Essence in Climbing

In this post we will talk about climbing chalk, and just climbing in general.


First up, we talk about climbing chalk balls. If you read some of our past posts, you would know that chalk is simply just a chalk. This said, climbing chalk ball, is the same as any other regular chalk ball. They are all magnesium carbonate. Well except Primo Chalk’s chalk balls, they use their high grade blend of essential oils, epsom salt, and magnesium carbonate and put it into a small bag.


What is climbing chalk made of?

Incase you don’t know what magnesium carbonate does, we are going to cover it next. Magnesium carbonate(MgCO3) has a special property to absorb liquids. This special property is what makes your hands dry, and grippy. Without chalk, as you probably know, your  hands would be sweaty and your grip wouldn’t be as strong. The properties do not vary between the “different” kinds of chalk(Weightlifting, gym, climbing, etc.) They all simply dry out your hands. Though there is a difference between sidewalk/ chalkboard chalk and weightlifting/gym chalk. Sidewalk/chalkboard chalk is made of calcium carbonate(CaCO3), while weightlifting/gym chalk is made of magnesium carbonate. Calcium carbonate does not have the same properties as magnesium carbonate. Calcium carbonate does not absorb liquids as well.

What is a chalk bag for?

Image of a black chalk bag used for climbing, Image by Primo ChalkNext up we are talking about chalk bags. If you are a climber you most likely know what this is, if you don’t you will know soon. Chalk bags, in simplest terms, is a bag that holds chalk that you carry with you when you climb. They allow you( when you need it) to re apply chalk instantly, instead of having to climb down to re apply.They simply just attach to your climbing harness via a carabiner. Another way to attach it is via a thin rope, threaded through the loops in your harness. It just depends on how you prefer it.