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Chalk Bag for Climbing

Image of a Blue chalk bag for climbing

Hello, in this post we are going to talk about chalk bag climbing. If you don’t know what a chalk bag is, we are going to cover that also. First up chalk bags. Chalk bags are basically a small bag that have an insulation on the inside that helps coat your hands in chalk(that is if it has chalk in it.) They generally have some kind of way to attach it to a harness or something. You can get them on amazon, and other stores(physical and digital.) On amazon you can buy different brands and different kinds. You can either put loose chalk, chalk blocks, or you can put chalk balls in it. The cool thing about the chalk, is that you don’t have to go find a specific kind of magnesium carbonate chalk, because they are all the same. Except for Primo Chalk. They use a blend of clean magnesium carbonate chalk, five special essential oils, and Epsom salt. This kills staph, it prevents infection, reduces callus build up, and more! Anyway, next up we are going to talk about bouldering chalk buckets. These are basically enlarged chalk bags. They also generally have extra pockets and holders for brushes. Now that we have gotten all of this out of the way, on to the fun stuff.


Cool Chalk Bags

Now we are going to talk about cool chalk bags. You can find all kinds of clever and fun chalk bags on all different websites(Amazon, ebay, etc.) for example you can buy a Pokemon chalk bag. It’s a chalk bag shaped like a magikarp. Though if you don’t like pokemon, you can get a dragon tail shaped chalk bag.


If you do not like the selection of chalk bags on the internet. You can always make one yourself. It just requires some cloth and sewing skills(or whatever you use to hold the fabric together.) If you don’t want to spend that much time, but you want some customization. Some companies make customizable chalk bags. They are just basic chalk bags, that allow you to put your company’s logo or your name on it. Anyway I hope you enjoyed, and I hope you at least learned something.