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Where to buy Lifting Chalk

 Image of a single chalk ball from Primo Chalk



Lifting chalk is made of magnesium carbonate. Magnesium carbonate is what makes every other sports related chalk. So basically in this post we’re  going to cover where to buy magnesium carbonate. You can buy it online (like amazon, and other shopping websites) or at an outdoors store(like REI). I don’t think I need to to go into detail about how to buy chalk, but in case you don’t know how to, here is a brief overview on how to purchase chalk.


If you’re at a physical store: You just find the chalk you want, then pay for it with a card, or cash.

If you’re on a website: You find the chalk you want, and pay for it with a card. You most likely knew how to buy chalk, because it is like buying everything else. Anyway, time to switch topics.

Where to Buy Gym Chalk

Time to talk about gym chalk, and what it is. If you have read any of our past articles, you would know the chalk is chalk. Gym chalk is just like lifting chalk or any other magnesium carbonate based chalk. Incase you were wondering, chalkboard and sidewalk chalk is made calcium carbonate. But not all magnesium carbonate based chalks are equal. Primo chalk is a special kind of chalk, they use 5 different essential oils and epsom salts to prevent infection callus build up, and it also kills staph.


Getting back on the topic. Because chalks are the same, that means you can use climbing chalk for weightlifting. The name does not designate what it is supposed to be used for. Now my last tip, Some chalks are sold for more than others because the company wants you to think it’s chalk is different than everybody else’s, but unless the put something else in the chalk, it’s just like everybody else’s chalk. Anyway thanks for reading, I hope this was at least somewhat helpful.