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Where to buy chalk for lifting

Hello, today in this post we are going to talk about where to buy chalk for lifting. There are many ways you can do this. We are going to cover them. First up we are just going to cover hand chalk for weightlifting. Hand chalk for weightlifting is just like hand chalk for use in the gym. They both do the same thing. Magnesium carbonate is that chalk we are talking about, if you didn’t know. Magnesium carbonate has a special property to absorb liquids. When your hands sweat, and you have magnesium carbonate applied on your hands, it absorbs the sweat. Keeping your hands dry and grippy. This being said, you can buy gym chalk and use it to rock climb, buy climbing chalk and use it to lift weights. Basically I am just trying to say that chalk is chalk.


Buy Chalk at your Local Gym

You can buy chalk probably chalk at your local gym or rock gym. If you don’t to buy it at those places, you can most likely buy it at your local outdoors store( for example REI), if you don’t want to buy it at a physical store. You can buy chalk online, an advantage to buying online, you might find better deals and you have a larger selection of chalk brands. You can buy chalk on REI’s website or you can buy chalk on amazon. Also on Amazon, you can order Primo Chalk. Primo Chalk is a special chalk. They use clean magnesium carbonate, five different essential oils, and epsom salts. This blend prevents infection, kills staph, and prevents excess callus build up.  No other chalk company does this. Also did I mention that it helps to protect your hands from cracking, tears, and dryness. Anyway I hope you enjoyed, and I hope you learned at least something.