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Bouldering Chalk Buckets

A bouldering chalk bucket is basically a chalk bag used for bouldering. They are slightly larger and more expensive. In this post we’re going to cover a few different brands that make these bouldering chalk buckets.


Edge Chalk Buckets

Edge chalk buckets look as they could hold your lunch, but no they are especially made to hold chalk. They even have a zip pocket for containing the chalk. It also has 4 pockets for brushes, and one velcro pocket.


Organic Chalk Buckets

Each Chalk bucket is made by hand in the US. They are made of tough nylon. They close by folding down and using a metal buckle. And another plus, is that when you are on the product’s page, if you scroll down a little, you can customize the colors they use to make the chalk buckets.


Moon Boulder Chalk Buckets

These buckets have a padded base to provide stability. They also have mesh, and zipper pockets, also featuring two grab handles on either side.  Now, they don’t have as much customizability, as the organic chalk buckets. But they do have a lot of different patterns and models.


Bouldering Pot Chalk Buckets

Now this is not a specific brand, But a kind of chalk bucket. This is basically any Climbing Chalk bucket that has a stable base and that can stand up on it’s own. They also have resealable tops that when they open, they don’t close up again because there is no support keeping them open. Also most of them have handles on either side making them easier to hold.