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Thomas "Doogie" Fullerton

Bouldering, Mountaineering & Ice Climbing

Aurora, CO
aurora bouldering colorado ice climbing mountaineering
Thomas I was born and raised in Newburgh, NY for 18yrs. Lived in Akron, OH another 8yrs. Finally moved to Denver, CO in 2013. I've gone by the nickname Doogie for a long time. I've also been claimed straight edge and been apart of the hardcore music scene the past 15yrs. I got into climbing on and off since back in 2008 after seeing a local water fall frozen in Ohio. I mostly boulder but finally started ice climbing last winter after after wanting to try it for 8yrs. Since I moved to Colorado I started climbing class 3 and class 4 peaks solo. I like to play in the flatirons. I started getting into high altitude mountaineering. I attempted Cayambe in Ecuador two years ago and summited Pico de Orizaba in Mexico last year. I started working out hard again last year and hopefully I can make it to ANW in 2018I also started a FB group called Hardcore x Hikes to try and motivate other kids in the hardcore scene to get outdoors.


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