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Semaj Baldwin

Strongman & Powerlifting

Grand Junction, CO
power lifting
Semaj Baldwin - Strongman & Powerlifting - Grand Junction, CO Growing up, I didn't have much of a childhood. I had a lot of responsibility and often found myself doing these I had no business doing. To stay out of trouble I began playing sports, I played nearly every sport possible to stay out of trouble. In high school I decided to take the next step in my young football career and play for a Division 1 college. However, after suffering a season ending knee injury and needing surgery. I needed to relearn how to walk, during my rehab I became extremely depressed using food as an outlet and gained 60 pounds in roughly 4 months. Having a few hard talks with my coaches, I began running track as a sprinter. As the weight started coming off and I began gaining strength I realized I had a chance again to compete as an elite athlete. The road to the Olympic trials was my path, I knew this was going to my calling. But, I suffered another yet minor knee injury on the same knee and was enough to not allow me to qualify. I now have become a state champion middle weight strongman, and raw Powerlifter. The fierce passion I have in athletics as translated its self to rest of my life from raising my son and helping people become the strongest version of themselves both physically and mentally.


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