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Jonathon Davidson

Climbing & Hiking

Claremont , NH
claremont climber new hampshire
Jonathon Davidson - Climbing & Hiking - Claremont , NH

My name is Jonathon Davidson. I am 27 and I have been climbing for 4 years.

 I started my Adventure of Rock Climbing in New Hampshire, And was instantly addicted.

I started out at little crags like the Newbury cut in Newbury, NH. I would solo or solo top rope routes and loved the thrill of being 100 feet off the ground, just me, and the rock.

I had a major injury that slowed my climbing adventure to a halt for a year. I fell 40 feet climbing and shattered my wrist. I went into surgery and got a plate and 9 screws, that are now permanent.

I began Climbing again as soon as I could. This year I have had major improvements, climbing multi-pitch, solo routes, and on a scale of 5.10-5.11 at Rumney, New Hampshire.

I Grew up in a smaller suburb area called The Colony, until I was 20. I then started my adventure around the United States.

Exploring the mountains outside Tujunga, California, to the sunny beaches in Fort Walton Beach, To the Flats in North Dakota.

I’ve Been to almost every state in the Lower 48. I lived in Aurora, Colorado for about a year, before I Rock Climbed, and now I see the Mountains in the Rockies as my Playground.

I’ve had the Pleasure of serving in Search and Rescue while living near New Hampshire White Mountains, and seeing the things we did helped me understand that fine line not to cross on my adventures.

I hope to one day Become either a Wilderness Guide, or something to enjoy my passion of climbing, and being in the mountains, and getting paid for it!

Were ever my adventures lead me, Rumney Rock will always be my home crag.


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