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Elizabeth Rodriguez

Crossfit & Personal Training

Ocala, FL
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Elizabeth Rodriguez - Crossfit & Personal Training - Ocala, FL Mother of two. I stay involved in the Crossfit community judging and I'm also a full time fitness professional. Love mountain biking, sewing and hiking. Fitness is about have fun and being prepared for anything. Being the daughter of a Martial Artist and growing up in the Bronx, my childhood was far from average. My sisters and I spent our weekends going to the Tia chi farm in Warwick New York watching our father teach combat Tai Chi to hundreds of students and working with his master Jou Tsoung Hwa. Other weekends we would travel to Martial Arts tournaments where my father would judge, compete and perform exhibition Martial Arts while we watched from the sidelines. Our real education took place in our basement where my dad had a dojo complete with weight room. He taught students every day and every night. We were frequently required to assist and train with his students. We were real, live karate kids.


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