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Dana ‘SweetDee’ Rygwelski


Austin, TX
Dana ‘SweetDee’ Rygwelski - Powerlifting - Austin, TX
SweetDee starting powerlifting in 2011, something she was asked to do as a favor by her best friend to help her get over her ex (those 20-something girls!). Little did she know, it would change her life. Now, six years later, Dee has earned pro totals as both a raw and multi ply lifter in the 181 weight class. Her best lifts are:(Raw) Squat: 402 | Bench: 209 | Deadlift: 391(Multi ply) Squat: 705 | Bench: 336 | Deadlift: 475 | Total: 1504. Born and raised in the Philadelphia area, Dee was a cheerleader for 15 years before moving to Los Angeles in 2007 and began lifting at DogTown Crossfit in 2011. In 2012, Dana moved back to Philly, trained at Crossfit Delaware Valley and competed at Iron Sport Gym - where she connected the Jersey Iron Powerlifting team and learned what it means to really be a powerlifter and to train on a team. In 2014, after two years and many successes with Jersey Iron, Dana's professional life moved her to Austin, Tx where she found Austin Simply Fit and began training as a multi ply lifter. In little over a year, Dana has put over 400 pounds on her multi ply total and recently earned a spot on the all-time Top 10 181 list with a 705 squat 1504 total. She is also the Texas State Chair for Revolution Powerlifting Syndicate (RPS), a powerlifting coach and the marketing maven at Austin Simply Fit.Dee is a lover of Pitbulls, especially her pitty Squat! A domestic traveler, Dee has been to over 50% of the continental United States and lived on both coasts. She enjoys creating new experiences and shaking her tail feathers to a good house beat on the dance floor. In her professional life, Dana is a marketing, communications, and operations strategist. A jackie of all trades, SweetDee’s passions include inspiring people to become the strongest version of themselves both in and out of the gym, loud laughing, and making people smile.


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