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Alicia Kingsland

Powerlifting & Personal Trainer

Lions Bay, BC
personal training powerlifting
Alicia Kingsland - Powerlifting & Personal Trainer - Lions Bay, BC My name is Alicia Kingsland and I'm a competitive powerlifter from British Columbia, Canada. I discovered powerlifting and began training for my first meet in fall of 2012 and competed for the first time at the beginning of 2013. To date I have competed in 4 local meets, 1 provincial meet and 1 national meet. I'm also a powerlifting coach and personal trainer. My best lift is the deadlift and I held the BC Provincial Deadlift record for 72kg junior females for about 3 years until it was broken after I had graduated to being an open lifter. My best gym lifts are a 315 lb Squat, 155 lb Bench Press and 430 lb Deadlift. My next meet will be in July, 2017.


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