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The Best Weightlifting Chalk For That Perfect Grip

Liquid Grip by Rogue Fitness, Image by Primo Chalk


In this post we will talk about the best liquid weightlifting chalk. We will cover what the best liquid chalk, ultra-premium gym chalk, and different chalk for CrossFit.


Liquid Chalk

If you read our Magnesium Carbonate Chalk post, you would have read that chalk is actually a chalk. There is no difference between gym and weightlifting chalk. Now is that the same for liquid chalk? Yes, liquid chalk is basically powder chalk (when it comes to ingredients) it is powder chalk and rubbing alcohol (Isopropyl alcohol). The best liquid chalk (looking at ratings) is Liquid Grip with 5 stars on

This chalk is good for everything for example powerlifting, gym and crossfit. If you look through what the reviews say (on Rogue Fitness) they all say it’s great. They also say that you don’t have to reapply it as much as other liquid chalks which is a plus, since some liquid chalks have a habit of not applying very well to your hands.. Another plus to liquid chalk as a whole, is that it’s far cheaper than regular chalk dust.


Powdered Chalk

Now if you are looking for the best powdered chalk, check out Primo Chalk. It is made of magnesium carbonate paired with 5 special essential oils, and epsom salts. This combination of ingredients reduces callus build up, and kill staph and can prevent infection. But it’s powdered chalk, so if you’re not into powdered chalk it’s probably not the chalk for you. Since, well, it’s powdered chalk, and therefore extremely dusty.


Primo Chalk also makes sure their chalk is clean of all bad stuff that’s not normally supposed to be in magnesium carbonate, by having it tested before they mix it with the extra goodies that make it so unique compared to all other chalks. Anyway thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed reading about the best chalks.