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Benefits of Using Powdered Gym Chalk on Climbing and Lifting

Loose Powdered Chalk, Image by Primo Chalk

In this post we will cover powdered gym chalk, and basically what it is and what it does.

Loose Powdered Chalk, Image by Primo Chalk

Powdered Gym chalk is like every other Magnesium Carbonate based chalk usually used for weightlifting climbing, gymnastics, gym, etc.. If you have read some of our other posts, you would know that, but if you haven’t now you know. Sidewalk and chalkboard chalk is not made of magnesium carbonate, it is made out of calcium carbonate. A lot of people think it is made of magnesium carbonate, and will work just as well as gym or weightlifting chalk. But now you know, it does not have the same properties and is not made of the same thing! It dries out your hands so they grip better so they don’t slip. But there are definitely different forms it can come in, for example a chalk ball/bag or block.


A chalk ball/bag is pretty clever. Basically, it’s a small bag with chalk inside, but if you roll it around in your hand, the chalk comes out. A chalk ball is great because it isn’t as messy as regular powdered chalk. They are also, most of the time, reusable. When you get one that is reusable, it makes everything far cheaper. Since you don’t have to keep buying chalk balls, you can just refill them.


Magnesium carbonate has properties to absorb liquids. That means when put it on your hands, it absorbs sweat. Making your hands dry and feel more grip than if they were sweaty. This is especially important if you are lifting weights, because if you have sweaty hands and you are lifting weights. There is a better chance you could drop it and cause a serious injury to yourself or someone around you. Chalk could be seen as a safety precaution.


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