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Anthony Boster – Crossfit – Mason City, IA

Anthony Boster on crossfit training, Image by Primo Chalk

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What does your involvement in your sport mean to you? Why did you fall in love with it?

What got me interested in the sport of Crossfit was my friend Mark Sainci, at the time we were training MMA together and he was doing Crossfit for staying in shape, he asked me and another teammate to come try it and boy we got our butts kicked.  I thought we were in shape because we would go to one of the local gym and workout everyday but Crossfit was a whole another level, it definitely made you get out of your comfort zone.  That first workout was 3 years ago and today I am still gaining strength and I am in better shape then I was in high school.  I am a better athlete and better then I was in high school.  The reason I fell in Love with Crossfit is they don’t focus on one thing, this sport tests all aspects of fitness, speed, agility, stamina, strength, nutrition, gymnastics, it makes you become a true well rounded athlete, and it seems as you get older you get stronger, people would always say that as you get old you get weaker, but I am stronger and have better knowledge about being fit then I did in high school and I am 24 now.  Another reason I love this sport because the community that comes with it, it is not just another gym, you gain a family, a family that will help you push through the workout, a family that will reach out and help you in a time of need.  I love Crossfit Chiron and the people that come with the gym.  Crossfit pushes you to try to harder and become a better person.  That is why I love this sport.


Out of all the product sponsorships out there, why is Primo the one for you?

A reason I wanted to become apart of the Primo chalk community is because you guys truly care about the athletes that represent your product.  Plus what you guys advertise is what you get, you guys have a great product.  Your chalk does what you guys have made it to do, I have yet to rip using the Primo Chalk, feels great, doesn’t dry your hands out, it helps me crush PR wether it is in weightlifting  or gymnastics. we use it everyday at Crossfit Chiron, people love it.  Again you guys are more then just a company, you are involved with the local community and the athletes, you support us and believe in us. Primo Chalk is a great and positive company, and truly care about their product.


What is a surprising fact about yourself that we wouldn’t expect to hear?

One thing you might know about me, I also love running, running was my first sport, but a goal for me and I will accomplish is to run in the Boston r Marathon, people think to be a great runner, you can’t have a lot of muscle, I am trying to break that image.  Everyday I am just trying to help others, and show them that with hard work, dedication, faith and positivity you can accomplish your goals and dreams.  Always believe, push yourself each and everyday.  Enjoy the process, enjoy the journey, enjoy the people around you along this journey and smile, even during the suck smile and be happy at what you do. Dream big, work hard for what you want.