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Alexandria Spencer – Crossfit – Louisville, OH

Image of Alexandria Spencer, by Primo Chalk

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What does your involvement in your sport mean to you? Why did you fall in love with it?

My involvement in crossfit means basically everything to me. Everything that I do, I keep my goal in mind. Whether it’s saying no to friends going out, eating unhealthy when it’s not a cheat meal, or doing anything that may cut even a second off of the time it takes to reach my goals. I pour everything that I am into training. I don’t aim to just be a really great crossfitter, I want be exceptional. Exceptional people with goals that seem unrealistic don’t let things slide. This isn’t all to say I’m all work and no play, but my idea of play is doing things that benefit me in some part of life. Like messing around with others at the gym, going on hikes, exploring, being with my family, hanging out with the youth group kids, being with friends, or playing with my dog! I biggest aim is to live a healthy life and reach my goals while doing so. My commitment to crossfit shows that I really don’t have balance, but I don’t think many people have exactly mastered that regardless of what they say. Crossfit and my goals are very important to me. Very few things take priority over it but those things are my family, God, and school. I love life this way. I wouldn’t have it any way else.

Out of all the product sponsorships out there, why is Primo the one for you?

This is a good question. What it comes down to is what you offer and how you offer it. Yes, the company sells chalk but the difference is the quality you put into the product and the way that you treat it. This company takes what could be seen as a single thing and you make it into something bigger by the way that you advertise, the way you talk about it, etc. There is a clear interest and passion in the one product that you revolve yourself around. I admire passion and I appreciate the fact that you don’t try to sell  a ton of different things to try and make money. You just keep building on this one thing. So if you treat the products that way, then I know you’ll treat your athletes as if we are your product. You produce quality over quantity and that is a growing market.

What is a surprising fact about yourself that we wouldn’t expect to hear?

One thing that you would never know is that to be where I am today, I went through a lot of hardship. I was like a puck on a plinko board and just happened to land in a winning spot. I went through two ACL reconstructions on the same knee that ended my competitive cheerleading career, chances of playing sports in college, and forced me to sit in the most important time of life where I could’ve been developed athletically. I had to sit during my teams cheerleading worlds competition that I trained all year for and I never saw the court again for my Junior Olympic all-American volleyball team as well as my school volleyball team. The second year happened ten days after I was cleared from my first one and I knew it was over. I lost friends, developed an eating disorder, got into an abusive relationship, started drinking, and began working out through frustration.  Through all of these hardships, I found myself. I found out what was important. I started realizing how badly all of these things were hurting me and started to remove them one by one. One day I saw the 2015 games recap and I knew that’s where I wanted to be. I googled the nearest crossfit gym and I went straight there. I fell in love and I found a new hope. So under all of this muscle, there is a person. Everyone thinks I just workout and wish they had the motivation to do what I do. If they only knew what it took and how many years it took to get this motivation, they would want any of it.