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Adam Sizemore – Highland Games, Strongman & Powerlifting – Parrotsville, TN

Adam Sizemore Image by Primo Chalk

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What does your involvement in your sport mean to you? Why did you fall in love with it?

The best part about highland games, and strength sports in general, is the family reunion feeling.   Every time we get together to compete we are constantly encouraging and coaching one another.  We want to put forth our best and measure ourselves against our competitor’s best.

Out of all the product sponsorships out there, why is Primo the one for you?

Chalk, in a sense, unites the strength community.  The barbell, training, and chalk dust are a staple for all strength athletes from Scottish highland games to climbing.  Primo chalk supports their supporters like a family.  This model is a great fit for the tight knit strength sport community and for me.

What is a surprising fact about you that we wouldn’t expect to hear?

I keep my Nintendo Gameboy with Pokemon Yellow in my truck at all times. Never know when you’ll need to defeat the elite 4.